Types of business ventures: the case of Estonia


This tool for learning English for Business has been developed, primarily, in view of the Estonian-speaking learners who need to acquire the respective terminology related to business organizations and their types, in English. With English business terminology as the target of learning, you will find English terms typed bold, just to ease their acquisition.

However, this tool can be equally well used by exchange students to Estonia, who are taking Business English course 1 at Estonian Aviation Academy (EAVA).

This tool has its foremost objective to instruct the learners on business terminology, in the authentic English used in business contexts. Hence, it is not meant to substitute for an Entrepreneurship or Management course, where the organization types usually form one chapter.

Thus, have a try! You will be moving through this material, as if you were journeying down a path through exciting wilderness: there are no road signs or sight spotters’ guides. Thus, you will, figuratively, be “moving”, and scrutinizing everything that you will come across.


Have a useful journey! 

Õpiobjekti koostas Hans Künka, inglise keele lektor, Eesti Lennuakadeemia,
tehniline teostus Anu Roio, haridustehnoloog, Eesti Lennuakadeemia

juuni, 2013

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