Financial statements 2: income statement


Once in a business career, not merely in Accountancy or Accounting, the need to discuss about revenues, earnings, margins is oftentimes coming up. Say, you are a distributor perhaps, and decide to expand your diversity of goods for which, commonly, you may seek a supplier abroad. And there you are: sales margin is what interests you both. Thus, entries made in the income statement may take your focus when discussing with your potential overseas business partner.

Even if that may be your long-term objective, perhaps, you may also have a short-term objective that may have guided you to this online learning tool – to understand, acquire and use the business terms and language enveloped in the Income Statement. Well, in either case you are on the right path. Working through the explanations and tasks accompanying each section, you may certainly develop your awareness and skill needed to explain about the incomes and expenses of a business entity, for situations if and where such a need may arise.

Please note, that this online tool is meant for learning Business English and is not designed to serve as substitute for theoretical discussion that is conducted during some Accounting course.

Also, because this online learning tool has been developed for ACM majors at Estonian Aviation Academy who take Business English course, the Estonian equivalents of the business terms are also provided, to help out in bilingual communication setting.

Anyway, do your best by learning the most for your success!

Õpiobjekti koostas Hans Künka, inglise keele lektor, Eesti Lennuakadeemia,
tehniline teostus Anu Roio, haridustehnoloog, Eesti Lennuakadeemia

juuni, 2013

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