Human Resources 1: Recruitment and Hiring

Welcome to using this material!

At some point, everyone has been recruited and employed, or has sourced and hired someone else. And if you are an undergraduate student, sooner or later you will also tackle a recruitment and hiring situation.  

If you are interested in Business English and want to be able to discuss on recruitment and hiring issues, you may certainly benefit from the terminology presented and explained in this resource. This learning tool has been created to cater for the needs of students who major in business and corporate management, are studying Business English to that end, and need to be versed also with the jargon used in recruitment industry. By no means does this learning tool intend to substitute for any theoretical, professional text, although – for authenticity reasons – it defines and discusses the terms in much the same way as may be done in a theoretical course book.

The material presented here has been divided into 5 Parts. When you have finished careful reading of any part, you will come across a Task that enables you to try out your skill of using the terms as appropriate. Task 6 at the very end enables you to act as a professional who knows English well and can properly use the respective terminology of recruiting and hiring.

If necessary, read the text with explanations again. You are on the right path! And please remember: Learning is the Mother of acquisition, while trying out everything in practice – certainly is the Father!

To your success!


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juuni, 2013

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